“Tirana International Development” Company Ltd, was founded in 1998, of entirely Albanian Capital. Its vigorous development has already placed the Company at the top of the list of construction companies in Albania. The successful progress is the outcome of the managerial and technical-engineering capabilities demonstrated by the staff, projecting and executing in compliance of Albanian and European standards. A very important and determinant role towards the thrift of the “TID” Company belongs to its General Administrator, Behar Male.

Being an innovator leader, he considers the collaboration with high quality professionals as the very base of the Company’s success! He has been able to select very qualified and devoted staff. The contemporary technology and the modern scientific achievements constitute the very background of the work of the staff he is actually managing. Its first activities were mainly up with the import-export area, but being very regardful towards the new opportunities, the next step undertaken by the company was in the direction of the construction industry. Actually, “T.I.D” Company is considered as a real leading company, with a very considerable contribution at civil constructions. Our company is in very close relations with the most professional urban and architectural firms, as well as with the suchlike auditing firms and legal – offices.

The company attends a very special care to the environment problems and to the life’s quality of the community. Our aim is to make people live in harmony with their city and our constructions do realize the notion of the clear and satisfying spaces.

A continuous preoccupation of the company is to upgrade the quality of its work by using modern standards and it is ranked this way among the most prestigious construction companies. The very important infrastructural project and industrial objects will, very soon follow its dignified works of civil constructions, business, centers, tourist villages, and Wellness center.

Our aim is to uphold our leader position in the market by identifying with the quality of our constructions and the guarantee of a long standing trust between us and our clients and partners.

The very success of our Company does consist at:

  • The high level of the human and financial resource management, offering the constructional solutions and products of up-to-date standards, located at the very best areas of Tirana.
  • A very qualified and experienced staff, the teamwork, the embracing of diverse ideas, cultures and viewpoints. The real ethic in our work, scrupulosity and integrity-these are the ingredients of our credo!
  • Using materials of high quality in conformity with European standards and by always adopting the new solutions of the technology in the construction business.
  • The schedule and activity for a long-term period – for our clients and our partners as also for all community.


“Our goal is to be a leader in the construction development and always satisfy our clients in due time and with the best quality”